A Beginner Level Power BI Post



Welcome to my first post on Power BI.

At my last position, I was the person responsible for all SQL data reporting and dashboards.

This will be a post about a small data set I discovered about one of my other loves: baseball.

The Data…

Digging around for datasets I found some historic baseball CSVs that I imported into a version of SQLEXPRESS.

I discovered that my hometown had a major league baseball team for one season in the late 1880s! So I figured I’d dig into it a bit.

The team itself wasn’t very good but did have a good player that went on to some level of success.

I cover some of his information in a previous post.

Moving on to visualizing his career in Power BI…

Here is a very simple line and bar chart of Germany Smith’s career:

He played for six teams, playing for two in the first year of his career. A fun anomaly is that he had the same amount of total hits in his first year as he had at bats with my home town team. You can actually see the tool tip in the power BI report embedded in this post.

Here is the underlying dataset:

Germany Smith Career

I produced the visualization using direct query in Power BI.

The more I move forward, the more I’ll go into details with Power BI. if you have any questions on something high level, feel free to ask.

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